Church of Holy Spirit

United Divine Science Seminary

Our school emphasizes silence and contemplation


                                                         Rev. Dr. Bazemore

                                                         Dean of Seminary


Let there be no more trouble. You have found your way home! We in the United Divine Science Seminary and Church of Holy Spirit, along with our sister churches, welcome, and bless you.

Our lives are not real, not complete until they are based on a certain conscious correspondence with the Divine, until they become that which we are meant to be: an inlet and an outlet for God's goodness. Hence in our study, the work of the practitioners and ministers are patterned after the figure of the Master Teacher, Jesus the Christ. He provides us with our model to serve, to equip, to encourage and to build up souls in need. Jesus' works can be reproduced by those who understand the law that governs them.

Take your time and peruse our great curriculum and study activities. In keeping with our Founder and the seasoned New Thought Movement, our philosophy of spiritual freedom, the seminary courses, residential practitioner requirements and individual retreat study are tailored to deepen and broaden the student's ministry and spiritual growth. In keeping with the demands of this century, our mission is to enable all persons, whatever their cultural background, to fully individuate and find their spiritual role. You are welcomed to take a prayerful look at us and listen to the voice of Truth speaking to your heart and mind.

We invite you to apply for admission to the United Divine Science Seminary and fulfill Jesus promise in the Gospel: "I have come that you may have life and have it to the fullest!"

First the Kingdom

Great faith comes from declaring the good that is already here, ever present, closer than one can imagine. For God is ever near. Try God today and let your affirmation of Truth focus on the first point at hand: God.

The Strength of an affirmation of Truth is that it stirs up the faith by using it.

The practice of an affirmation of Truth focuses our attention where it belongs, brings our thoughts into line, keeps us from giving way to all we do not want. The Truth is that God is our Source and we are receiving our good NOW. The affirmative prayer of Divine Science is patterned after the Lord's prayer. We affirm our true nature, until we are certain of its Truth. Take up this positive pattern that God fills all, is in all, around all, above all, below all NOW and every good thing is mine.

Now at this time when thoughts, emotions, opinions and questions are stilled, we make our definite affirmative statement of Truth and dwell upon the good ever with us. This Truth fills all and answers all. "I will not let you go. I am with you. I am guiding you, blessing you and opening new doors and new paths for you."

We are returning home, returning to the source where all is well and at peace. Our ministers and practitioners are with you NOW. You are not alone.

In Prayer We Watch!


Rev. Dr. Christopher L. Bazemore

Dean and Spiritual Director