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Our fundamental principles

The Church of the Holy Spirit United Divine Science Ministerial School is the educational branch of the Church of the Holy Spirit United Divine Science Church.  Both the school and church base its teachings on the Divine Science principles as taught by two of the founders of the Divine Science New Thought Movement, Emma Curtis Hopkins and Malinda Cramer. 


Divine Science's work is based in the Unity of Spirit - knowing Spirit to be the All in All.  This consciousness enables one to love the things of Spirit and work for them, and thus consciously live the religion of Spirit taught and demonstrated by Christ. 

Higher Still

Divine Science is practiced by turning attention from the outer visible effects of this world to the inner world of the First Cause. This is described in the Bible as "judging not by appearance, but by the righteous judgment." The world is seen as the realm of constant changes in appearance but the inner world is perceived as the Source of All Being.


The practice is done on a daily basis by taking charge of our thoughts, our words, and our actions. As we grow in spiritual unfoldment, we recognize that our minds are truly "the Temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in us."


"United Divine Science includes the practice of Divine Science principles and adds more focus on meditation and working in the silence for spiritual growth and healing as taught by Malinda Cramer. United Divine Science is more than human experience; it's based upon the Unity of the One All, the realm of pure knowledge and consciousness.  The true Science of Being is the true religion and is based upon the Unity of God as Creator, Creative Action and Creation. The principles are included in our Sunday sermons as well as in various classes taught at the Ministerial School."  

- Rev. Dr. Bazemore

Dean and Spiritual Director