Our School

We welcome sisters and brothers of planetary light. The Church of the Holy  Spirit United Divine Science Ministerial School's (UDS Ministerial School)  focus is training men and women for this age who are seasoned to "practice the presence" and trained  to view each person in their true divine being. While this training takes daily work and daily application, each student gladly engages in this spiritual work. Moving from theory to true practice is our "watchword." We are dedicated to inclusivism and will not play games with the people of God. We employ the ageless tradition of true Christianity.

Join us.



As, Carl Jung stated, "It will not be a bomb that blows up mankind, but our own projections of blame, fears, neediness, anger, hatred, poverty thoughts and racial prejudice. One can truly seek first the kingdom of God and find true love, light, and understanding.



We invite earnest citizens of the universe to come and enter our school. Experience for yourself the insight of Emmet Fox, another Divine Scientist, when he states: "The destiny of American and the world is true freedom and the real made manifest."



Divine Science is Christian truth and made accessible for all. Divine Science is a system of belief with its basis in the omnipresent activity of God. Our united Divine Science watchword is: "let the words of mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Thy sight, my strength and my redeemer." Psalm 19:14.


Principles of Truth

Our founder, Malinda E. Cramer, began classes in 1887 and has left us a legacy of true liberation. Malinda E. Cramer in the first school of Divine Science, gives clear study and practice to the method of the healing Christ. Our teacher give us these words of truth to declare: "Straight is the gate and narrow the way which leadeth to life; and few there be that finds it." I have found the narrow way which leads into life: it is unity. I walk in the "new and living way." Let the Christ knowledge dwell in you in all things. Declare that "nothing I have believed in the past can prevent the true idea of God being demonstrated in me."


Peace be Still

Make a decision to begin to train thought, to sit still, to hold on to the truth.

Empower the fire in your belly to light up the world and delight in the Lord always.

Ministerial Curriculm

Ministerial Ordination Electives:

(6 required - Each course is sixteen hours offered in a two day week end period and during six day summer session. (*indicates mandatory course)

  1. History of the Development of Christ Thought
  2. Early Divine Science Teachers
  3. The Gospel of John
  4. Metaphysical Spiritual Journey in the Old Testament
  5. Metaphysical Spiritual Journey in the New Testament
  6. *Self esteem Development (Pastoral Counseling)
  7. Spiritual Laws
  8. "Congregation and Minister Support"
  9. *Homiletics
  10. *Church Administration
  11. Women in Old and New Testament
  12. Practice and Theory of Malinda Cramer's Spiritual Healing Method
  13. Emma Curtis Hopkins

The UDS Ministerial School's  strength and vision intensifies the law of expression and sends men and women out to teach the true gospel. The Unity of all Life central to our teaching. Students are reminded that Truth causes one to give up all beliefs in limitation and impossibility; One can do and be whatever one desires. When once the decision to leave the "old self," by stop passing blame and doubt, ceasing to conger up vain imaginations about one's self, one is no longer the victim of belief in defeat, disease, classism, and death. Our consciousness is then free to act as a channel for spiritual truth.

Practitioner Curriculum


Required Courses For Practitioner:

  1. Fundamentals - Basic Principles of Divine Science
  2. Spiritual Psychology
  3. Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning - Old Testament
  4. Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning  - New Testament
  5. Meditation
  6. Higher Training and Consecration
  7. Practitioner Practicum
  8. Teacher Training (Including Lesson plan)
  9. Spiritual Retreats
  10. Workshops

The following elective courses are also offered:

Women in Old and New Testament

Practice and Theory of Malinda Cramer's Spiritual Healing Method

Emma Curtis Hopkins