Malinda E. Cramer

Malinda Cramer was  one of the co-founders of the Divine Science and the New Thought Movement.   Before women had the legal right to vote, Malinda Cramer was changing the world.  Between 1885 and 1906 she became known  throughout the nation as a gifted healer, teacher and publisher of the Harmony magazine.  With her Harmony magazine, she promoted the new thought principles from other religious groups, as a result nurturing the new thought movement and helped to spread the word around the world. The magazine was sent to English speaking countries in Europe, with German, Swedish and Russian translation versions.

Truly a pioneer, Malinda Cramer's  phenomenal accomplishments include:

  •    Divine Science Home School founded May 4, 1888.
  •    Harmony Magazine,  first published August 1888.
  •    International Divine Science Association, founded May 17, 1892.

The seventh of eleven children, Malinda was born June 12, 1844, in Greensboro, Indiana to Obediah and Mary Henshaw Elliott. The Elliotts migrated to the farming country of Southeastern Indiana from North Carolina.  Malinda was raised a Quaker, and it was her practice to meditate and pray on a regular basis.

Malinda moved to San Franciso California in 1870 hoping that the warm climate would help cure for her chronic ill health which had plagued her from age 15. In 1872 she married Charles Lake Cramer, also a Quaker and prominent photographer. The Cramers had three sons.

After 25 years as an invalid where medical treatments did not work,  one morning in early 1885,  after meditating and sitting in silence, she simply asked during prayer, if there was a way out of her condition. Was there a Power in the Universe that could heal her? Her answer came intuitively.  She said she saw a center of light, pure and clear as diamond light; its center was calm and as transparent as pure crystal. That day having "seen the light," Malinda was healed first in belief then in body.  The illuminated realization of Omnipresent Spirit freed her from the belief that her condition controlled her. As she let go of old habits of belief, she was totally healed.

Malinda began to share her understanding of spiritual healing in publications of the Harmony magazine. She also became a teacher and healer to others.  Within three years of her healing, she incorporated the Divine Science Home College, offering Primary, Theological and Normal classes.

For more than 18 years, Mrs. Cramer made a strong and positive contribution to New Thought Movement, with her ministry, monthly publication, and nationwide tours teaching and healing. Notably, Malinda's tours took her to Unity Village and Hopkins College.

Malinda had a grander vision, which unfolded in 1892 as the International Divine Science Association (ISDA); the early prototype of today's International New Thought Alliance (INTA). Malinda held conferences uniting some of the great thinkers of the day.

April 1906, came the end to Malinda Cramer's works. The Home College burned to the ground following the earthquake of 1906. She made her transition just a few months later. Her last Harmony publication was volume 18, issue 7. The movement carried on by its center of activity moving to Denver, Colorado, to other cities around the country, then San Antonio with Dr. Anne Kunath, Texas and now to Largo Maryland with Dr. Bazemore.