Divine Science is practiced by turning attention from the outer visible effects of this world to the inner world of the First Cause. 

The Practice 


First Cause

This is described in the Bible as "judging not by appearance, but by the righteous judgment." The world is seen as the realm of constant changes in appearance but the inner world is perceived as the Source of All Being.


Nona Brooks

According to Nona Brooks, a co-founder of this teaching, "the practice of the presence of God is the whole of Divine Science." We continue the practice of the Presence of God through the study of books, including the Bible, through receptive prayer, contemplation, and meditation.



Gradually, we realize our Oneness with God in a pure state of communion and we arrive at a state of understanding of the profound meaning of Life and God's Will for us.


Divine Science 

Divine Scientists follow both the example and the teachings of Christ Jesus in "seeking first the Kingdom of God" and "knowing the Truth that sets men free. "What does Divine Science Stand For?" Divine Science believes in the Fatherhood of God as Omnipresent Life, Substance, Intelligence, and Power. Further, we believe strongly in the brotherhood of man and the unity of all life. In this teaching, we believe in Truth whether found in science, philosophy, or religion.

The power of right thinking releases into expression in each individual life its divine inheritance of health, abundance, peace, and power. The transcendence and immanence of God is manifest in all created things: God the Create and the Uncreate; the Visible and the Invisible; the Absolute and the Relative; the Universal and the Individual.


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