The Silent Presence

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The Church of the Holy Spirit, Silent Prayer Team is at work around the clock. You may email your request for Prayed and our Pray team will seriously move into prayer to meet your nee. Our silent Helpers work under the auspices and by the authority of the United Divine Science Ministries.

This body of consecrated and trained workers gives help to those in and out of the city who request their services for healing of body, of personal and family affairs, or distress of any kind. You may send in your request at our website and an assigned practitioner will take up the work on behalf of your liberation.

Our generous volunteer department will  gratefully accept your loving donation.
 (Church of the Holy Spirit, 1400 Mercantile Lane, Suite 220 Largo, Md 20774.)

Remember this is our process to work on your prayer intentions.

  1. Make your request
  2. Stay calm and know direct help is taking place.
  3. Read some truth book, bible.
  4. The basis of all healing is a change of belief.
  5. I begin today by radiating good cheer, kindliness and courage to others. In advance of the actual coming of my good, I start moving into action by blessing others with my portion.
  6. Big Blessings now return unto me.

Nona L. Brooks, one of our Co- founders of Divine Science,  insists that healing comes from learning to sit quietly. Nona loved to talk about the Light. The silent work we do, in the healing of the Light, advances God’s healing truth. Like Nona, we all must decide just how to bring happiness or help to others through that which we declare. We send out a loving picture of our Co-founder who loves all people of all walks of life.   She really did practice the Presence.

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