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Hi! Community.

So many times we have been taught the battle is not ours, we need to put it in God’s hands. Yet, do we stop and think,  “so true” or do we rush in with all we’ve got? Three families have been looking for homes to rent, (don’t we know about that?) Many writers told us to turn to God at that moment (our three families don’t know the power of turning within.) We do! No matter how I tell these folks that “You will get your house.”  The owner has not called, and his manager refuses to give us the phone number of the owner and renting the house is not on the top of the manager’s of his list. God IS here and we see his children taken care of. However in this moment, the time of waiting, the feeling is hurt.  The demands come rushing in.

Marcus J. Borg, in his book “Meeting Jesus Again For The First Time”, writes, “Two key words enable us to glimpse what was most central to Jesus: Spirit and compassion.” There is so much I can say about this book and the writer, who has moved on from this plane.  For our time now, I would say this regarding the above case,  we who are looking, searching, finding, the next step is, “Be compassionate as God is compassionate!  Read, Luke 6:36.

Emmet Fox in his book  “Make Your Life Worth While”, talks again about what we already know. He states: “To become proficient in any field you must practice. … true religion might be summed up as: the practice of the presence of God.”   Practice is the secret of attainment.   James 1:22 states, “Be Ye doers of the word, and not hearers only”.

What will we do today about our friends? I will tell you that some of our community is having problems also, but God has got their back! Yes, they might not believe it but, as the old song goes, God has got the whole world  in his hands, and together we will win.

Dr. John S. Garns of Divine Science, state:  “Let me get still. Let me know that my mind even now joins the eternal Mind as the inlet joins the ocean. I need only to make my call in faith, once I am still, to have this Mind answer.”

Dr. Max Ballard, also a Divine Science minister, one of my teachers who is now gone, said: “Father of Love give me the humility and compassion that will make it possible to understand another’s need, and to be kind, rather than self-righteous. In the stillness of this moment, ‘Father, heal me with Thy gentle purifying Love’”.

Glorious Father/Mother God, be with us today as we meet others.  May we pause and know that we are encountering your love. God is giving us returns of Big Blessings with love.

Nona L. Brooks states: “The world has never before, needs you and me.  It needs our unwavering faith in God.  It needs our positive certainty of God in the person of the Christ.  It needs our steadfast love.”  

May you not hurt, nor be sad, but let the plan and will of God be worked out in the little wills of men and women.  Divine Blessing release you, right now.   Right Now .for God in everywhere present.  God has heard you. Together we are all now lifted up and we shall not be moved.  Jesus said ”I am come that you may have abundant life.  All I ask of you is faith and know that I am the all knowing One.  My peace is not of this world but as I give it!”


P.S. Dear silent watchers of the Church of the Holy Spirit, let us claim that these three families be moved from the cold to warm, as did Jesus when there was no room in the inn.  May your heartfelt prayers be answered in Jesus name.

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