Are we good enough to live?

September 5, 2017 CLBAZEMORE No comments exist

Have you ever pondered the question, “Are we good enough to live?”

God loves a prosperous people.  As we experience the good that God is and express it in our lives and affairs, we will live and love more.  Jesus performed effective prayer work on the crowds that he drew.  The people who sought Jesus found their lives transformed.  Because Jesus demonstrated the transformative power of prayer in the lives of people, we know that we can also transform our lives for the better.  Put simply, we can express more good than yesterday. Harvey Hardman, a minister at The First Divine Science Church of Denver in the 1930’s, wrote a book entitled, Making Your Self the Master in which he stated:

It takes time to learn the new scientific language of religion. The new religion will be based on principle rather than the personality of any single Teacher, it will teach people how to create a heaven here on the earth.”

In the New Thought movement, we are blessed because we are in complete agreement as to the basic premise that God is All in All.   Upon this premise, all our conclusions follow. True mental healing cannot be divorced from spiritual work.

As we study our many lessons, take classwork, attend Sunday services, take hold of our positive books and the bible, we are taking definite steps toward transforming our lives and moving higher.   Such efforts impress our consciousness with truth, the principle which Rev.  Harvey Hardman described as the basis of the new world religion, which will enable people to create heaven here on earth.

Yes, we can express more good, so let us express it now!  All of humanity is divinely waking up to itself.  Self-discovery and self-realization are the keys.  Every person is truly born of God. We give thanks for this truth knowing that its realization in our consciousness liberates us!  Now banish the shadows that are trying to imprison you. You are whole now! The realization of wholeness will demonstrate good for others and ourselves.

Evelyn Underhill in her book, Meditations and Prayer, declares, “Spirit of Jesus! Enlighten my eyes as I dwell with you in the silence, that I may see this choice, turn my seeing into living”. The key is to free the mind from self- condemnation. There is no sin but a mistake. There is no punishment but a consequence. To see nothing but perfection enables you and me to see only love. Is this hard? Not at all!

In Mark 10:17 (KJV), we find that Jesus was presented with the following, “And when he was gone forth into the way there came one running and kneeled to him and asked him, Good master, what shall I do that I may inherit eternal life?”  I would say to the rich man, “Wait a minute…not so fast!”  The man and woman centered in truth is capable of experiencing the eternality of good right now.  A realization of truth brings forth perfection.   Men and women who endeavor toward the realization of truths; such as, God is All is All will experience their good in the eternal now. Work now in consciousness for eternal good to come now.

Martin L. King Jr. once said, “I have been to the mountain top,

Black and white, young, old, children, all together” -Yes, all people of color.   We do not wish good for ourselves that would not be good for other people.   

So now we have climbed together to the mountain top, I will ask you, “Are we good enough to live?”  The answer is yes!  Surrounded by an atmosphere of goodness, truth, beauty, love, friendship—everything that makes life worthwhile, the answer is yes! Today our dreams are real! Let us let the chaos in our minds go. Let us stop revolving and start evolving.   We are dealing with God, unconditional causation.

We are able to demonstrate the condition we desire. Go within and experience the perfection that will show forth as demonstration.  WE ARE GOOD ENOUGH TO LIVE!


In love,


Rev. Chris

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