Back to School!

September 5, 2017 CLBAZEMORE No comments exist

Hi friends of the church of the Holy Spirit.

Back to school, work and some will be praying for employment or pursuing their dreams.. One of the great things we know, getting the best, means thinking the best. So let’s get ready and move. The call of the world for one more hand loving God, is upon us. Happiness and mental health for a dynamic relationship with our start with Gratitude! Robert A. Emmons, PH.D. In his book “Thanks!” States that people, who really are practicing gratitude, can have better sleeping, increased and in being sustained over a period of months.

Yes! We know all about gratitude. In Divine Science one establishes a strong unwavering belief in the Christ Mind, which is the presence of God in you. This deep and abiding faith in Mind that dwells you which nothing can dislodge.

In the film, War Room, the protagonist, Yes, mother wisdom, prayed to God to send her someone to serve. A fine Black women, selling real-estate, with home problems was taught  well how to be “hot vs lukewarm”. She found out how to practice driving out what you don’ t want and getting back what you do want {Emma C. Hopkins-“there is good for us and we ought to have it”}.

Well, now, we’ve heard about gratitude, Divine Science, a film, Again Emma c. Hopkins, now its time to pray:

Turning from the problems and cares of the day. I now consciously accept the truth about God and Myself. Know that God is the only power and the only presence. There is only harmony, love, gratitude, lifting me up renewing; refilling me with all there ever was big blessing. I give, I receive, I share, I let the perfect life of god live through me, and so it is.   

Blessing, Rev. Chris.

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