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In Truth and Health, Fannie B. James, State, Refuse to entertain a thought or speak a word of sinfulness, of sickness or weakness. Think and speak always of good. Speak well of yourself, speak well of others. Whatsoever things are pure, “ think on these things” Phil.4: 8. It is difficult to know what to say about one’s personal growth to a committee comprised primarily of strangers. Think of Job Friends coming to see him in time of need (some might say they were three accusers vs. friends), Job in the bible was trying to figure out the down side of his life and his friends were no help. Now sometime people are so what suspicious, and do not fully trust people until one has work out some kind of relationship with them. The desire to work out meaningful relationship with people is the ability to admit, have the awareness that our life is centered in the goodness of God.

Each of us is capable of being open, and giving and receiving affection, of caring and being cared for. We can also be closed, either due to fear or anger. How many times did we panic when what we call a traumatic experience developed? Now that we are in the practice some don’t do it that often and can more quickly become effectively mobile in responding to daily demands.

Carl Jung, in exploring the psyche, talks about the “persona (from the same Latin word meaning “actor’s mask’) is like a mask that the ego creates in order to hide its nature from other “society”. But you and I are working on the true self. We have come home to the land of living.

Returning to Truth and Health, Practical Direction for Expression: Daily, say these statements. The intention for recognition: God is the whole of being, now and forever.

Man and women is included within the whole being. Since God is whole, I am whole being. Since God is wisdom, I am whole being. Since God is love, I am love. Since God is life, I am life. Since God is good, I am good. Since God is perfect, I am perfect. Since God is perfect expression, Aim perfect. Since God is perfect expression, I am perfect.

This is the time above all to reach higher than ever before.

Sister Wendy Beckett book,’ meditations on silence’, state, in section on into the light, the gate that silence open up within us leads to light. Light exposes within an almost merciless radiance and reveal the beauty of the real.

One of our divine science teachers would say, the nature of the commanding consciousness is never found in words or prayer formulas. Each one must find it in the wordless silence of oneself, in the center of ones constructive emotional accent.

Let us remind ourselves of the voice of God, that say “do I not fill heaven and earth” yes, God fill all. We are fill with –fulfillment daily. Let us roll the stone away of our suppose battle and speak from on high God is here, God is there, filling all, space, all life. All joy in all.

Note from the desk of Rev. Chris.
You are on a mission-the light lead you daily. Now you and I must set out having stated intention- now is the appointed time! Boldly declare the gospel statement, and who was working that intention? Jesus, the great master teacher. From this high level of intention came great mighty works. Challenges to master Jesus intention came from various sources but he is unstoppable. Why? He daily used his practical direction of declaring, “I and MY Father are one”. Are you working alone? NO! WE work in concert with the oneness of all life. Debbie Ford, in her book: The Best Year Of Your Life”, state, “make it known to people who matter, that you are choosing to make this year surpass all others”. Yes in the newness of time right now go to work in consciousness within and speak the word of life. Use the above statements of truth and let the work begin.

God Bless, You, Brother and Sister.

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