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The problem when adversity strikes is not so much to find some kind of hope as it is to find a hope we can trust….

In January 1944 Dr. Emmet Fox, a Divine Science minister, noted that the pure message of Jesus Christ began to fade and “cloud over” in the years subsequent to his departure as those who had known him, personally, disappeared.  This problem was compounded in the 4th century when the Roman Emperor Constantine made Christianity into an established and subsidized church and transformed the Roman Empire into a Christian state.  Despite these occurrences, today we see the spiritual ideals of Jesus returning.  

Jesus’ teachings are predicated upon truth and resonate with power. There are no false hopes. The power of Jesus Christ is now here again, in big way, for you and me.

In this world, one may feel as if he cannot walk in hope with absolute certainty. However, the broad open space of universal hope is strong. The power behind us is the glorious God. The voice of hope, the hope of glory, bids us to move forward confidently. The first thing we need to do is put aside doubt, sadness, and bitterness.  Yes, let it all go now. Next, say to yourself, “God Lives in me, God Made me!” Lastly,  with all of your heart say, “I am ready to hope again and to live again! My God-good is here right now and with the aid of something within me I can and I will!”

There are powers of creativity within ourselves that can be tapped.  Facts can be changed. We believe that there is a new accomplishment that is ready for us and we can have it. Daily we can turn to the joy of the Lord and receive! The voice of Good calls to you and me and wants us to step into our good.  Yes, God is leading us!  God is guiding us now at this appointed time.  One of my profound teachers, Dr. Grace L. Faus,(Divine Science minister Washington, D.C.) used to say,  “Hoping in God, you trust his future for you.”

In her book, Scientific Christian Mental Practice, Emma Curtis Hopkins, known as the teacher of teachers, states ”In order to be a Christian one must tell the Truth of God. To sit down and proclaim to the universe that MY support is My Good, My GOOD is MY GOD!  Thus GOD is MY support!  Stir up the air to work with the mountains and the seas to bring me my new provisions.  My hope is in the Lord who made the heavens and the earth.”

Yes, shout with me community this week for your good and our good to manifest! Glad will be our Father, for it is his good pleasure to give big blessings.

Reflect upon these words of St Paul, “But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that waverth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.” -St. Paul’s Pauline Epistle of James -1:6


Rev. Chris

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