Let’s Begin To Walk in Faith

October 13, 2017 CLBAZEMORE No comments exist

Sending Rainbow HealingDivine Science textbook its principle and practice, states: “Our work is to cultivate recognition of the perfect soul qualities in order to realize the perfect ions of the body and harmony of affairs for the outer is the result of the inner.”

To change ones world each must go within and change (or be open to the withiness). Do you know the gift that wants to be release out of you? Divine Science states, only that which man has failed to realize within is lacking in man’s world of experience.

Become conscious of which you are a Child of God.  Let’s be who we are meant to be. In time like these we need to be bold! Grow out the new now.

In Divine Science its principle and practice: “It may take much practice in meditation before we attain the real silence and have an awareness of the presence of God. Be persistent, be humble have faith, and one day you will find a refuge an abiding place within spirit. This is the “Pearl of Great Price”.” P94.

Before we can practice let us ask these questions:  Self –Awareness: Am I able to identify with the Christ Consciousness?  Have I obtained information to make changes in my life?  In what way might I be involved in holding my self back?

Am I ready to move with love? Are we ready to walk with the Lord?

In Genesis: 5:21-27,There is a discussion on Enoch, 365 years old and his son Methuselah 969 years old life in spirit can expand our years. Let us worship in Spirit and in Truth.  Today start saying this statement:  “I am a center of Divine Activity, around me Revolves My World.”

Keep walking,

Rev. Dr. Christopher Bazemore

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