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A strong teacher in our movement that not too many people know is, Rev. Dr. Claudine Whitaker.   The Rev. Dr. Whitaker always started her 11:00 A.M. service off with, “God Is in this place!” Rev. Whitaker always had kind words to say for so many people. I remember talking to her in a most critical time in my life. Her words were, “My dear Chris, don’t we have a God, who is all knowing?” I said “yup!”   “Then why would care what others think of your work?”

With such a presence and great conversation from Rev. Dr. Whitaker, I will share some biweekly points with you from this giant of a lady, not in height, but in conviction.   Rev. Marge Flotron, researcher and teacher of Emma C. Hopkins, the Avatar of the new age, Teacher of teachers said to me: “When I talk of Dr. Whitaker, first time I met her, she made me “cry”.   I asked her what did you tell her that made you cry?   Rev. Marge stated its personal, but I will tell you this, (it was time for me to leave my job and start  my calling).  This reflection,  now going out in the universe may open doors of others who were healed, bless by her love.

I bring to you a few gems (statements for treatment work plus a photograph of her.) As a Divine scientist and then moving into Religious Science, In Chicago, Nona Brooke loved Dr.Whitaker.  Our work as a practitioner in the silent helper prayer ministry is about changing thoughts that are not in alignment with the One.  Let all who are ready to more effectively work begin now.

Ephesians 4:30-31 says “grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption. Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamor, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice.”

Beloved One of the light it is time for us to check in to the Light of God.  You and I can be used for big blessings in this world. The saving Christ is at hand to do our bidding, but we must respond in kind. Wait no more!   Go back to church and do your daily duties of high watch. We are told to watch and pray. Take some of the pointers of Dr. Whitaker and have more effectiveness in your life of prayer.

Attributes/Inherency Qualities,

(Definition of Inherencies from Divine Science Principles and Practice:   INHERENCIES:  Inseparable attributes which express the nature of God: These inherencies are called Wisdom, Love, Knowledge, Understanding, Power, Life, and Joy.)   Emmet Fox states “Seven main aspects of God, may be used as a daily practice. You can find a copy of this booklet to keep with you at all times.

Dr. Whitaker speaks of aspects of the “inherent qualities” and how to take up one quality a day.   She tells us “A simple way to develop thought control and spiritual awareness is to concentrate on one divine quality each day of the week:

1. Monday focus on peace.

2.Tuesday, Joy

3.Wednesday, Health

4. Thursday, Faith

5. Friday, Prosperity

6. Saturday, Power

7. Sunday, Self-confidence.

With each of these qualities say, I am peace. Then the next day do the same with your new quality. When other thought come up (voices of put down) Strongly return to you quality of the day. Change the quality to the one you want to start with in your secret place (quiet time with God).

Dr. Whitaker would say after three or four weeks, “choose other qualities.” Remember you and I are growing and unfolding.  Dr. Whitaker, stated ‘We should give thanks always for spiritual unfoldment, Thank God, that life is a joyous adventure which forever beckons us to develop new strength, new abilities, new skills. We should express gratitude that we are neither a slave nor a puppet, but God’s beloved child, growing daily in love, understanding and spiritual awareness.”

Rev. Dr. Christopher.


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